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•  For industry, chemical plant construction, conveying and suction equipment


•  light, high- flexible, weather- proofed and abrasion resistant 
•  equates to EU- Guideline 2011/65/EG (RoHS)
•  excellent resilience on strong radial deformation, good chemical resistance
•  conductive according to ≤ 106  Ω (according to DIN EN ISO 8031)
•  vacuum stability: up to ca. 5 m WC
•  Temperature range: -25°C to + 65°C
•  Colour: black


•  made out of EVA with a high smooth inner surface

ID-Ø OD-Ø bending radius weight coil length
mm mm mm g/m m
70 82,2 130 720 10
100 113 160 1150 10

Custom-made products are possible according to prior agreements.